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The aim of the Journal for the Study of British Cultures (JSBC), launched in 1994, is to provide a platform for the study and discussion of diverse ‘British’ cultural forms through in-depth articles, case studies, reviews, etc. The use of the plural ‘cultures’ in the title signals our commitment to a broadly conceived notion of cultural diversity, while the adjective ‘British’ is meant to acknowledge not simply a narrow national perspective but the long history of cross-cultural contact both within and beyond the British Isles.

By introducing, outlining, developing and exemplifying new approaches in cultural studies, history, sociology, the political sciences, etc., JSBC transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries and offers the opportunity to explore these various fields in theory and practice. JSBC supports a wider reform of English Studies in Germany, and the editors hope that the study of British cultures will not only improve, but eventually replace, the traditional topic of Landeskunde taught at German universities.

Editors: Ina Habermann (Basel), Lucia Krämer (Passau), Gerold Sedlmayr (Dortmund), Claus-Ulrich Viol (Bochum) • Reviews Editors: Susanne Gruß • Editorial Committee: Sebastian Berg (Bochum), Nadine Böhm-Schnitker (Wuppertal), Georgia Christinidis (Rostock), Rainer Emig (Mainz), Christian Huck (Kiel), Jürgen Kamm (Passau), Stephan Karschay (Hamburg), Gabriele Linke (Rostock), Susanne Schmid (Berlin), Christian Schmitt-Kilb (Rostock), Gesa Stedman (Berlin),Lena Steveker (Saarbrücken), Dirk Wiemann (Potsdam), Anne-Julia Zwierlein (Regensburg) • Advisory Board: Simon Frith (Edinburgh), Richard Kilborn (Stirling), Bernhard Klein (Canterbury), Jürgen Kramer (Dortmund), Gerry Mooney (Glasgow), Gabriele Rippl (Bern), Roland Sturm (Erlangen)

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Letters, articles, and books for review should be sent to one of the editors. Articles and reviews should be sent both as manuscript and file and should conform to the reference system. No responsibility will be accepted for unsolicited manuscripts and no guarantee given to review unsolicited books.

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